Ray's alternate ego. Debugging ModmyGTA since '10!
Ray's alternate ego. Debugging ModmyGTA since '10!

Last activity on 12-03-2012

RayShared by mmgDebug

Join our official steam group today! steamcommunity.com

RayShared by mmgDebug

Probably the best song played on a piano, ever. www.youtube.com

@Emmi PM me on IRC.

@Emmi Lena was better, or what @Pilot ?

GTAPlace www.gtaplace.huShared by mmgDebug

In the front row with GwRockstar3 in yesterday's #GTAIV event. pic.modmygta.com

Linkify updated.

Fixed several permission problems in modification details.

@Conkor so howd you find this?

@GTAPlace Actually its the third most used word according to trending topics in search. ;)

@nixolas1 Ingame overlay for mmg :P

Pilot Danielius D.Shared by mmgDebug

Final checks

Song for launch trailer? www.youtube.com

Emmi EmanuelShared by mmgDebug

@mmgDebug cool feature, mmg is still getting better and better!!!

Waaah done with work, watching #AnoNatsu episode 5 in bed again, awesome stuff.